How to get to Clico Boutique Hotel, Rosebank

Situated in Johannesburg, South Africa, Clico Boutique Hotel is close to many of Johannesburg most popular attractions, from magnificent shopping malls and amazing restaurants, to the Johannesburg Zoo, and Zoo Lake.

Clico Boutique Hotel is situated in the plush, upmarket suburb of Rosebank in Johannesburg in South Africa.

How to get there:

Directions from O.R. Tambo International Airport (Johannesburg):

Upon leaving the airport, keep to your right and follow the signs for the R24/Johannesburg. This road will join to the highway. Continue straight on the R24 (N3)/Johannesburg. Nine kilometres (5.6 miles) after leaving the airport, move to the centre right lane, where you will merge with the N3 highway. Follow the signs for the N3/N1/Pretoria and take the fork to the right. Immediately after the fork, turn left onto the interchange and continue following the N3/N1/Pretoria signs.

Take the first off ramp to Linksfield Road. At the second set of traffic lights, turn right into Club Road. You must continue along this road for several kilometres, eventually crossing over Louis Botha Avenue. There will be a MacDonald's on your left. When you arrive at the T-junction, turn right into Pretoria Road.

Pretoria Road becomes Glenhove Road. Continue along Glenhove Road, crossing the M1 highway. At the second set of traffic lights after the highway, turn right into Oxford Road, and at the fourth set of traffic lights, turn right into Jellico Road. At the second set of traffic lights, turn right into Bath. Turn left at the T-junction into Rosebank Road. Take a left at the next street into Sturdee Avenue. Continue straight until you reach a stop sign. Clico Boutique Hotel is on your right on the corner of Jellico and Sturdee Avenue, just before the stop sign.

Directions to O.R Tambo International Airport:

Drive out the entrance of Clico Boutique Hotel and turn left into Jellico Avenue. Turn right at the T-junction into Oxford Road. At the fourth traffic light (MacDonald’s), turn left into Glenhove Road. Travel for a few kilometres and cross over the M1 highway. Glenhove will then become Pretoria Road.

You will go through a large dip at the bottom of which you take the fork left into Woodyatt Avenue. Woodyatt Avenue becomes Athol Road. Continue of this road, passing over the busy Louis Botha Avenue. You will come across another MacDonald's on your right. Keep straight for several kilometres, passing several traffic lights as you travel through the suburb of Glenhazel. When you arrive at the Linksfield Nursery on your left, turn left into Linksfield Road.

Drive over the highway, and then turn immediately left onto the N3/Germiston onramp. Once on the highway, take the R24 East/N12 off ramp. Follow the signs for the R24/O.R Tambo International Airport. O.R Tambo International Airport is about 25 kilometres (15.5 miles) from Clico Boutique Hotel. For International departures, keep to your left. For Domestic Departures, keep to your right.